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“The cookies were a huge hit! The attendees absolutely loved the concept, as we were the only ones who had anything like it. Many took a cookie back to their office to show their team, and when we checked the scanning stats of the QR Code Cookie we had over a 40% scan rate!”

Amy Xu
Incisive Media Executive

Custom QR Code Cookies

Be the first to impress your employees and clients
with QR Code Cookies.

QR codes are 2D bar codes placed on offline products which links the user to online information. Simply scan it with your smart phone and it will bring you to any URL address online.

Edible QR Code treats are the mobile trend of the year and a new branding technique, so surprise your employees and clients with a QR Code Cookie decorated for you!

Here's what you can do!

Increase your mobile uploads by getting 40% upload rate!

Thank your customers or employees by linking them to a
personalized YouTube message  
Engage people with your brand strategy  
Collect customer information instantly and track
consumer habits  
Have customers enter a contest  
Show people your new website  
Link to new Product Rollouts
Tell people about upcoming Webinar

Let us help you do it!

We can make the QR Code for you or you can send us yours
We can consult with you on unique gift ideas
We can put any logo or image on a cookie
We can package your order in gift boxes with a
full colour design on top 
We can ship direct to your customers or employees

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1-800-Bakery has baked up the first personalized QR Code Cookie in the U.S and we are very excited to launch it at the Rackspace booth during the Cloud Expo in CA, November 7-10. We personalized a batch of 2,000 QR Code Cookies for Rackspace including their logo, tagline and their QR Code linking to the Rackspace website for this corporate gift giveaway at the booth.

the first personalized QR Code Cookie in the U.S

Can't find the Gift you're looking for?

1-800-Bakery.com can custom bake practically any Bakery Business gift you have in mind. Our delicious bakery selections and your unique corporate gift idea will leave a long-lasting impression. Simply call us at 1-800-287-9870 or fill in our Online Estimate.