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Look no further, edible photo cookies for any circumstance!

What Photo Cookies can do for You
Using Edible Photo Cookies and Gifts For Personal Branding
We at have discovered that our edible photo gifts such as a photo cookie, photo cake and photo chocolates can be used as a valuable “Personal Branding” tool!

Examples of Edible Photo Cookies

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What is “Personal Branding” and why is it important? Personal branding is the process by which people and their careers are marked as brands. The personal branding concept states that success comes from self-packaging. It marks the way you differentiate yourself from others.
Personal Branding is important because the business world has changed dramatically in the last few years. Gone are the times when hard-work and dedication meant financial stability and a “promised” pension to retire with. Instead, today’s workers and job-seekers must use all the tools available to them in order to stay above their competition.
That is where our “Edible Photo Items” (like photo cookies) can be helpful in creating your personal brand. While most job-seekers will send a “Thank You” note after a job interview, you can be the one who stands above the crowd and make quite an impression by instead sending a few edible photo cookies with your picture and a brief message transferred directly onto the cookies. You will instantly put a “face” on your resume.


While the many “Thank You” notes are assured to wind up in the trash can. Your “Edible Photo Thank You Cookies” will rather be stored in the memories of the decision makers. You have with this small gesture distinguished yourself from the others!
See Our Personal Branding Photo Cookies Tonywith-text
Our edible photo cookies, cakes, and chocolates are not only powerful eye-catching personal branding tools, but they are also incredibly delicious. Go beyond the competition and try our edible photo items in your job search. They also make a great gift to give to a friend or loved one to help them exceed in today’s job market.
A photo cookie can be a great personal branding tool that will differentiate you from the rest. When you brand yourself properly, the competition becomes irrelevant. says Dan Schawbel, the foremost personal branding expert for Gen-Y.  Photo_cookie_dan_200He is the author of the bestselling career book “Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success (Kaplan, April 2009).

Personal Branding Ideas