Steve Schawbel is an independent travel agent. He works in the competitive cruise business. As an entrepreneur, he needs to provide stellar customer service to his clients but not lose too much time in the process.

We set up an easy customer appreciation gifting system for him based on his unique needs. Steve wanted to send personal, thoughtful gifts but not deal with a lengthy ordering and shipping processes.

Our solution was to set up a simple catalogue of different gifts he could choose from. It was as easy as shooting us an email with the customer’s information and his personalized selection. He receives one invoice a month and doesn’t have to worry about shipping.

The value he’s been able to provide to his clients through this simple method has been phenomenal. 

He says:

"I’m delighted to send you a note about the great success stories I’ve had sending your wonderful products to my clients across the country. When I send your gift packages, I’m an instant hero. Many of my clients have sent me so many referrals, and you’re the reason my business has increased almost 100% in the past year."

By having handle all his orders, Steve can focus on the part of his business he enjoys: sending clients on marvelous trips on luxury cruises all around the world.

He discovered the secret to repeat business: giving people a gentle reminder to spread the word at the same time as wow-ing them with above and beyond customer service. We’re not surprised his business increased almost 100%. A small gesture of appreciation goes a long way.

If you’re interested in talking to us about corporate accounts for customer appreciation gifting, call us 1-800-287-9870 ext. 3.