With Easter quickly approaching, we’ve been sending out some of our delicious 1-800-Bakery Easter Treats to our blog ambassadors. Check out what they have to say about our Easter Cake Pops or Easter Crispy Treats at the links below.


Cake pops are a hit at any party or shower I have been to lately. They are uniquely decorated, just the right size of desert, and fun. 1-800-Bakery.com has the cutest Easter Cake Pops to add to the Easter Baskets or dessert table.

The cake pops are festively wrapped in a cello bag, tied with a ribbon, and arrive in a bakery box with plenty of cushioning to keep the Cake Pops looking cuter than ever. How fun are these Cake Pops of bunnies, ducks, and eggs from 1-800-Bakery.com!

~ Review from Alison at Kitchen Table


1-800-Bakery.com has found a way to improve upon the classic Easter egg – by turning it into a cake pop!! Made using their delicious and fudgy double chocolatecake and just the right amount of frosting, these Easter eggs are sure to be loved and enjoyed by your friends and family. Add these to any Easter basket or serve them at your Easter brunch. Either way, these are sure to put a smile on someone’s face.

~ Review from Bekki at Chasing Supermom


It’s almost Easter! 1-800-Bakery.com sent me these adorable Easter Egg Cake Pops that are almost too cute to eat. Almost. They arrived yesterday and Tim told me it was basically everything he loves about cake, rolled in chocolate. On a stick. If you want to get in on the goodness, you’ll save 10 percent on the entire Easter collection if you use easter14.

~ Review from Kelly at Kelly the Culinarian


We recently tried the trendy Easter Egg Pops from 1-800-Bakery.  These cake pops are absolutely amazing! They are rich and decadent. They are also super cute as shown below. I think that the chefs that create these are perfectionists. I couldn’t have done a better job myself!

~ Review from Trendy Mom Reviews


These Crispy Rice Bars are the “hoppiest” treat for Easter!  Hand-dipped in festive colored gourmet Guittard® Confections, the Crispy Rice Bars are hand-decorated to look like the Easter Bunny and  colorful Easter Eggs! I received 4 eggs, so there will be no fighting over the bunny in my house!  Individually wrapped in cellophane bags for freshness

I love  Crispy Rice Bars and these did not disappoint.  They are fresh, chewy and so delicious!   These will make a cute addition to the Easter Basket or bunch together and give as a bouquet of sweet treats!

~ Review from One Momma Saving Money


We were sent some Crispy Rice Bars to try out and I love how they looked. I try very hard to make my desserts look this good but I can never get my Crispy Rice anything to look this way. I know there is something that I am doing wrong I just don’t know what it is. You get 4 treats with one decorated to look like the Easter Bunny and the other three like eggs.

We received all eggs but that is alright because they were very good. The icing is thick because it is gourmet Guittard® Confections and let me tell you it is very good. Under the icing is a crispy rice bar that tastes as though it were homemade.

~ Review from Rita at Rita’s Reviews


I chose the  Easter Crispy Characters to review and was very impressed when I received them.  They were each individually packaged perfectly to prevent breaking and melting.  All 4 of mine were Easter egg shaped, and larger than I thought they would be which was definitely nice.  They were also way cuter than the picture I had seen on the website.  We immediately opened a couple because we were in need of something sweet right at that very moment.  I like that these are on a stick so your hands don’t get all sticky!  They were also perfectly crunchy on the inside.

~ Review from Holy Jeans and My Favorite Things