Boston Tree Preservation is a company that prunes and cares for trees using organic methods. They do everything from shrub and lawn care to tree removals. Their company has a real need for repeat business from customers, who might have one problem with a tree and then not call again until years later. Boston Tree Preservation wanted a creative way to stay in customer’s minds for months if not years. had the answer and it was a completely new kind of product, one we’d never even sold before! Our biscotti is known for its perfect mix of flavors and just the right amount of crunch. 

So we thought about what Boston Tree Preservation needed to accomplish- that special connection to the company that sticks in someone’s mind- and we designed a new biscotti in the shape of a tree, cut especially for these customer appreciation gifts.

The shape was easy enough to cut into the dough, but because the tree-shaped biscotti were thicker than normal, we had to come up with a creative baking method. Instead of baking them once, we bake them halfway, then take them out and cut the shape of the tree into the partially baked dough. This gives the biscotti the perfect 1-800-Bakery crunch.

A small business, Boston Tree Preservation needed to keep costs low. We cut down on production costs by batching their orders into groups of 50. They send in their orders as the clients come in, and once we have 50, we bake up a batch of fresh, custom-baked tree biscotti.

We’ve been happy to hear that their clients are calling back the day after they get their gifts to thank their company. They can’t believe the thoughtfulness and quality of the gift. It’s unexpected and so appreciated.

A reputation that lasts the lifetime of a tree? Worth taking the time to cultivate.

If you’re looking to create a custom customer appreciation program, building real relationships that last, contact us today.