Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Heart to Heart Hospice was established to provide a compassionate, patient-centered approach to medical care and supportive services at the end-of-life for patients and their families. Unparalleled service and personalized attention are the core beliefs upon which Heart to Heart Hospice was founded. Our philosophy of care has driven the success of our hospice programs since 2003, and we continue to have dynamic growth in the number of patients and families served, our employees, and the number of volunteers in our communities. Now serving over 2000 patients!

Heart to Heart Hospice is partnered with several healthcare organizations and medical facilities throughout the state of Texas and around the nation. Working with experienced medical professionals, physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and insurers to provide admirable end-of-life care to individuals and their families.

Heart to Heart Hospice encourages individuals to pursue a career in the medical field and educates the public on end-of-life and geriatric care. Through our well-built management team and the help of our employees, we continue to grow as a hospice organization and gain respect in the communities that we serve. View “The Heart to Heart Hospice Family Executives” to learn more about the individuals that manage our organization.


“As a company when we reached serving 2000 patients we decided to throw a big celebration. We ordered the cookies [logo cookies from 1-800-Bakery.com], custom balloons and custom signs and sent out surprise packages to all our agencies. We also had a live broadcast with the Senior Management Team that the whole company participated in – so that we could thank everyone for helping us reach that number.”

-Missy Dock, Licensing & Regulatory Coordinator


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