Branded corporate holiday giftsWhich gift do you think will make your brand

stand out this holiday season?


Think it's too late to send clients a custom thank you gift with a personal touch? Think again! With branded business gifts from, they'll never feel left out or last minute. Whether you need something personalized for a single recipient or 100, we can help.

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*All orders need to be placed by Friday Dec. 9th 2pm EST to insure holiday delivery.* has been assisting corporate clients with effective gifting programs for over a decade. We've worked on customized bakery treats for companies as diverse as Microsoft, Zappos, Marriott, bebe, Prudential and Nordstrom. We've perfected the art of creating custom designs that are branded and packaged in unique, memorable ways.

When you're responsible for corporate gifting, you're taking on the crucial task of setting the tone for the next year's relationship among your company, partners, employees, vendors and customers. A well-appointed gift can make the difference between bringing in new business in 2017 - or not.

Harness the power of food in nostalgia, but with a modern professional twist. Classic holiday treats branded to your company are a great way to thank the people who made a difference to your bottom line this year.

Shop corporate logo cookies in everyone's favorite flavors, Oreo Logo Cookies, award-winning coffee cakes, gourmet gift baskets, traditional German stollen and more. Memorable, shareable and delicious!