Here’s one story about an HR consulting firm that needed something special to market themselves to employers…

CorVirtus is a company offering a really helpful service: they prescreen employees for restaurants. By only selecting the best people to work for them, restaurant managers can cut back on their turnover and take the service at their establishment to a whole new level. Even so, they had a problem.

They had a great service, but they weren’t having success getting the message out. Only about 3% of direct mailings get a response, and that wasn’t good enough. CorVirtus needed another way to draw attention to the amazing services they could offer the restaurant business and get their message in front of the right people.

That’s where 1-800-Bakery came in. We worked with their marketing department to come up with a super special, one-of-a-kind campaign guaranteed to make an impression.

We created these little care packages on behalf of CorVirtus around our classic apple turnovers. Along with a turnover, prospects received an informational card about CorVirtus, an article about CorVirtus and a business card. The informational card was even titled, “Take a bite out of turnover!”

That had to stand out from the stacks of boring mail managers have to sort through every week. The message was short and to the point, and what a sweet introduction to the benefits they offered.

CorVirtus thought so too, but they did their due diligence and also tracked the success of the campaign by adding a special offer for those who received the turnover packages. If they mentioned the package, they would receive a whole month of free service.

When we last caught up with them, they were more than happy with the amount of extra business their mailing had generated.

They were getting far more responses than the average mailing campaign. The care that went into the gift showed their clients right from the start that they would be in good hands.

Not only were they bringing in more clients, but they were getting off on the right foot. CorVirtus is a friendly, helpful company with a great service, and their promotional gifting reflected that attitude.

If you’re looking for a promotional gifting campaign idea – or you have one of your own already – we’d love to talk to you about it!