Name: Alyssa

Blog Name: Cooking From A SAHM


How long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging for 3 years, but it wasn’t till a year or so ago that I decided to do Cooking From A SAHM. I have always shared my food on facebook, and a lot of people told me to start my own blog. Then out came Cooking From A SAHM. I made a goal, and knew what I wanted out of the blog. It isn’t perfect but it’s made from home. I focus my blog on menu planning, easy meals that everyone can make, and I also make it using food that everyone can find. It’s important to me to provide ways for parents to be able to cook at home. I also encourage parents to bring their kids in the kitchen. It is something I strive for and hope even if just a little bit I have done that.


What are some of your favorite food-related memories from your childhood?

I have a lot of food memories from my childhood. Cooking and baking was and still is a huge part of my home life. My mom always made sure that we had a home cooked supper on the table. She always let us experiment in the kitchen without judgement. If we had an idea, she’d say go for it. That helped kick start my love of cooking. I remember many times that my siblings and I would be in the kitchen cooking. Some turned out bad, some turned out amazing. I have to say that one of my favorite cooking/baking memory is baking cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are one of my favorites. I remember many times helping pour the chocolate chips in and helping mix it. Then of course we could eat some of the dough


What is your all-time favorite dessert?

This is a tough one….It’s a toss up between warm chocolate chip cookies and brownie fudge cheesecake. Both of those I can eat a lot of.


Do you have a signature dish? If so, what is it?

My signature dish would probably have to be my Chicken Pot Pie. Everyone in my family loves it, and it’s kid friendly which is important. This is a great winter dish, but a lot of the times I will make it in the summer as well..


If you have children, how do you get them involved in the kitchen?

I have two children ages 4 and 3, they are very much involved in the kitchen. My oldest who is four, has loved being in the kitchen since she was 1 or 2. They are involved in all stages of my cooking. I believe that if kids help in the kitchen then they are more apt to eat what they help cook. They help plan my menu for the week by choosing what they would like. I give them healthy choices to choose from. Kids as young as 2 can help in the kitchen. My youngest can pour ingredients in, she can stir etc. Then as they grow they can do more and more, of the actual cooking.


Please share 5 of your favorite recipes and tell us why you love them. 

~ Roasted Whole Chicken – This recipe I made, is a huge favorite in this house and my family loves it, We can pretty much eat a whole chicken at supper.

~ Orange Sweet Rolls- This is a recipe that I made, as when I was younger we had these orange rolls from a can. I couldn’t find them anymore, and wanted to make something homemade with it.

~ Cheesy Bread sticks- These are so good, and easy. I love the cheese, and all the spices. These are also something everyone asks for

~ Ham and Cheese Hot Pockets- This is an easy recipe I came up with This is a great recipe for anyone who has leftover ham.

~ Chicken Casserole- My mom always made this casserole for me, and I requested it for every birthday. I now make it for my family and they love it as well.


Do you prefer cooking or baking? Why?

I actually prefer both. I am a huge fan of cooking because you have more freedom, but I love baking as well. Baking is more matter of fact, but yet the smell coming from the oven as something is baking is amazing.. I have to say that I think both have equal amount of respect in my book. I can’t say that I love one over the other. I do a lot of both.