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“I have to share my story of success working with such a great team at 1-800-Bakery. I launched a sales campaign with a targeted audience, price point, and generated a very positive ROI from it. Stephen took the time to include my sales material and hand-written note with each boxed caked before shipping. 

Every message was personalized! He went out of his way to make sure these cakes were delivered on-time and had a special touch. I would highly recommend the bakery to any of my sales team members and have spread the “cake campaign” success throughout the sales team.”

                                       -  Molly Enos, Oracle

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Corporate Gift Programs

Wow customers, employees or clients with a special gifting program.

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Corporate Gifting Program

Branded gifts are an opportunity to connect with key stakeholders in your business. It’s not about the gift itself – although we have some stellar suggestions for what you should send – but about taking the time to communicate your appreciation for the people who make your business successful.

Gifting, of course, can be a time-consuming task. Gourmet corporate cakes, logo cookies and other bakery treats take the stress out of selecting, ordering and sending corporate gifts. 

A corporate gifting program can automate the gifting process from A to Z, saving you time and energy, while still looking and feeling completely original and custom-made. Our clients have used a corporate gifting program successfully for a variety of different purposes:

  • Employee engagement: Dial up employee satisfaction with a thoughtful gifting program. Send a Happy Birthday Cookie Cake (or Happy Birthday Brownie Cake) to employees to celebrate their special day, congratulate a team on reaching their goals or surprise a new branch with a welcome gift.

  • Customer appreciation: Reconnect with old customers and earn the loyalty of new ones. A branded gift is a unique way to spread your message, whether you want to let them know about a new product or service, special offer or simply thank them for their business.

  • Thank you gifts: Logo cakes, logo cookie gift baskets and other bakery treats are perfect gifts to thank important people in your business. Celebrate a new partner’s milestone event or show your appreciation for a referral. (Pro tip: Brand your gift to the recipient’s company, not yours – they’ll be extra delighted to receive such a custom branded gift.)

How It Works

  1. Pick out your gift: Select from our branded cookies, cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, chocolates and more.

  2. Tell us how often you'd like it sent: Monthly, quarterly, or yearly - it's up to you.

  3. Contact us to get started: Click below to fill out a Contact form and we'll walk you through the rest of the steps to design a truly unique and effective personalized gifting program.

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Building Relationships Through Corporate Gifting

“The cookies were a huge success. Everyone loved them and kept talking about how cool they looked and that they tasted great too! The fortune cookies were the most popular. Thank you for making things so easy!”

- Biospringer 

When it comes to corporate gifting, most reach for the old standbys: a pen, a key chain or a tote bag. This boring repetition makes the playing field ripe with opportunity for those looking to stand out from the crowd. Custom cookies provide the recipient with a memory that taps into all the senses: smell, sight, sound (crunch!), feeling and of course, taste.

A pen just can’t compete. The idea behind giving a pen with a logo is that people will look at it more often. But you know what our brain does to old information? It literally screens it out. We don’t “see” things we already know exist- we remember them as we first saw them.

Personalized cookies, on the other hand, tap into all the sensory centers in the brain. Have you ever been going about your day when you smelled something special – fresh laundry hanging in the wind, a certain coffee blend- and it brought you right back to where you were the first time you smelled it? Research shows that smell actually makes your memories stronger and more vivid. Olfactory memories are powerful reminders, and that’s just one of the senses the deliciousness of our custom cookies activates.

It’s common sense, and it’s also part of an exciting new field called neuromarketing. Neuromarketing focuses on how the brain makes choices. By using neuromarketing principles, you can be at the cutting-edge of corporate gifting and scientific research.

What Science Tells Us About Business Gifts

In studies done with Coca Cola and Pepsi in a blind taste test, half the subjects chose Pepsi. But when subjects were told they were drinking Coca Cola, 75% of them said that they thought Coca Cola tasted better than Pepsi (though they were actually drinking Pepsi at the time and couldn’t even tell it wasn’t Coke!).

Why do people assume Coca Cola tastes better than Pepsi? Brain scans showed that thinking about Coca Cola activated parts of the brain associated with memory: the hippocampus. Pepsi did not. Pepsi is a newer brand; no nostalgia factor. Not like Coca Cola, with the whole soda fountain, glass bottle and bottle opener phase.

Why Custom Cookies Work

Memory. Memory is what makes a difference, especially when linked to emotion. A pen doesn’t make an impression because people don’t engage their senses around a pen. They don’t make memories.

But a customized cookie is branded to you – and it’s still a cookie. A custom cookie is an effective piece of neuromarketing, because cookies evoke nostalgia. Just like Coca Cola, a cookie reminds us of better days. Childhood. Licking the spoon. Eating loose chocolate chips.

A gift that can tap into that memory is powerful. That’s why people choose branded cookies.