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A powerful yet simple way for your business to establish ongoing gifting processes, catering to your customers, employees or clients.

Petit Fours

Petit fours are a delightful way to show appreciation to an employee, thank a colleague or congratulate a business partner. Our petit fours are crafted by artisans for a truly stunning look. Each petit four is made from layers of almond butter cake, rich truffle creams and flavorful fruit fillings. These miniature cakes are cloaked in gourmet chocolates in a dazzling array of colors, making each gift box of petit fours a work of art.

You can send petit fours as part of a Corporate Gifting Program, as holiday gifts or any time gifts. Feel free to fill out the Request Estimate form by clicking the button to the left for any special requests you might have. We pride ourselves on providing holistic solutions to our corporate clients and can accommodate a wide array of needs for marketing campaigns, promotional gifting campaigns, employee appreciation programs and more.

We've been in the business of corporate gifting for quite some time. Many of our programs have grown naturally out of the needs of our repeat clients who ask for certain features, the ability to set up recurring orders for specific employee appreciation gift programs, client birthday programs, corporate thank you gifts and many other needs in business today. 

We always ask our clients, "How did you come to choose an edible business gift?" One of the most surprising answers we heard actually made sense once you thought about it. They told us, "We didn't want to buy something that would just end up in the trash."

It doesn't get any more direct than that. Their response certainly made clear to us the challenge of sending business gifts, especially branded gifts.

The Biggest Challenges in Corporate Gifting

These are the most common responses we've heard when we ask our clients to tell us  their biggest concern with their corporate gift:

  • We don't want to buy something that looks too cheap or generic.
  • We need to stand out from the crowd of other gifts, especially at the holidays. 
  • We didn't want to send something that could be taken the wrong way, or seen as offensive. 
  • We didn't want to send something that was difficult to coordinate, like t-shirts for people who are all different sizes. 
  • We wanted to send something that felt personal, but we don't know anything about their hobbies or interests. 
  • We wanted to send something culturally sensitive to a business partner. 
  • We wanted to give a gift that would truly show our appreciation for their continued business - without going overboard or making anyone uncomfortable. 

How can you rise above the veritable sea of pens, key chains, tote bags? You have to strike a perfect balance between too low and too high on the perceived value of the gift.

 You also have to be just as nuanced in the type of gift you select - buying something generic is safe, but boring. On the other hand, you don't want to get something too specific, only to find out they don't really like it. With all these considerations, corporate gifting can be a minefield. 

How Branded Gifts Can Build Your Business

Branded edible gifts are the perfect vehicle for driving new connections with employees, clients and partners. 

A beautiful, delicious custom cake or cookie gift basket look elegant and expensive without breaking your budget. The branding and decoration options ensure your gift is wonderfully unique and eye-catching, with color coordination. The options for customization create endless possibilities.

For example, you can match cake pop sprinkles to your marketing materials, so your whole promotional gift is stunning visually. You can order cake pops as a thank you gift, birthday gift or client appreciation gift, making them a very versatile business gift solution. Once you set up your order with us, cake pop delivery becomes as easy as picking up the phone or sending us an email to let us know the mailing address. 

Unlike a box of pens, a custom cake is a social event. Food gifts are so much fun to share with colleagues. Your gift will have a huge impact at the office - everyone lines up to get a slice of logo cake and chat, making happy memories and socializing around your branded gift.