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Corporate Gift Programs

Wow customers, employees or clients with a special gifting program.

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Custom cakes can showcase your brand like no other product. At a full 6" or 8", your logo or image will look crisp and vibrant. As a marketing tool, they guarantee your message will be seen - and then eaten and enjoyed. A food gift makes a lasting impression - after all, everyone has a favorite flavor of cake. 

Interested in setting up a Corporate Gifting Program? We offer personalized programs for your corporate gifting needs. Online cake order and delivery has never been so delightfully simple. 

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Corporate cakes deliver fresh, delicious cake with a message to anyone you need to reach – happiness in a box. Use custom logo cakes to celebrate at corporate events, thank your biggest clients or as a part of your employee recognition program.

We can set up custom logo cake designs for you and deliver anywhere in the US at affordable prices that impress while staying under budget. The toughest decision you’ll have to make is whether you want chocolate chip, double fudge or vanilla buttercream…the best kind of choice there is, we imagine.

Top 5 Creative Uses of Our Corporate Cakes for Businesses

1. Wow co-workers at one of your own events.

We’ve been lucky to work with some great organizations looking to bring their staff parties to the next level with logo cakes for employee recognition. Dominos, Aeris Communications, Gulf Coast Financial Services Inc. and many others have used our corporate logo cakes as gifts and centerpieces at corporate events.

2. Send a gift to a business partner.

Make a big impression on your business partners by sending a logo cake to celebrate their success. Maybe they closed a big deal, hit record sales or simply survived a tough quarter- whatever the reason, logo cakes are a reason for everyone in the office to take a few minutes out of their day to feel recognized by your company.

3. Thank your biggest clients.

Thank you gifts are always a welcome reminder that your company appreciates the business of your most loyal clients. The Pareto principle states that 80% of your business comes from a loyal 20% of your customer base. 

Retain those core customers and grow your business through referrals by showing just how much you care – and nothing says caring quite like double fudge chocolate logo cakes.

4. Introduce your business to the community.

Logo cakes are a great way to show your local community who you are. Introduce your company to your local community at local events with specially designed logo cakes. We can customize the message to whatever you need. 

If you’re new in town and looking to make a big impression, we can send logo cakes to businesses and community leaders to get your introduction off on the right foot.

5. Personalize employee recognition and other employee gifting.

Instead of getting everyone a small item, you can personalize your employee recognition gifting program by hosting a small in-office party with custom logo cakes. 

A lunchtime celebration is made all the more special with one of our corporate cakes with the names of the employees you want to celebrate. With plenty of room in the design to broadcast the unique achievement or occasion, corporate logo cakes are a wonderful medium to strengthen your company’s relationship with your employees. 

Birthdays, new babies, promotions – there are lots of chances to engage with employees on the things that truly matter to them, fostering loyalty and mutual trust.