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C2STechs Logo Cookie Gifts

"I’m afraid I do not have any photos of our guest enjoying the cookies, although I can tell you that they were a HUGE hit! Since we ordered, we have had at least one group come to us to ask for your contact information, which I provided. I imagine you will see more orders coming from groups like ours."

- C2STech, Microsoft

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Corporate Gift Programs

Wow customers, employees or clients with a special gifting program.

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Product Launch

An effectively planned product launch can make or break the success of a new product or service offering at your business. The biggest challenge is making sure your product generates conversation, gets the right kind of attention and drives sales.

By following the three steps below, you can set your product up for success…

Plan ahead: Your marketing around a product launch should begin about two months prior to launch. Prepare downloads, samples, brochures and news releases for a cohesive marketing effort.

Branded corporate logo cakes and personalized cookies can be printed with any picture, so get creative! Contact us for free samples to explore the possibilities.

Create buzz: Send samples of your product or information about your new service offering in a novel way. Activate your entire social network. You can use relationships with partners and investors to extend your reach, as well as hosting internal events for employees to create excitement. 

Target influencers in your field and maintain strong relationships with them – CurlyKids sent branded cookies (our Oreo custom logo cookies) to their brand ambassadors to thank them.

Keep up the momentum: Track your campaigns to find out what is working and what isn’t, so that you can pivot your messaging through channels that are having the strongest impact. 

Continue to reach out to press after launch with unique uses of your product and success stories.

Custom QR Code Cookies

You can print on our logo cakes and logo cookies, using any image you want. Gateway EDI used our logo and photo printing capabilities in a revolutionary way – they printed QR codes that linked to their website and had people scan the cookies with their phones.

You can use the codes on QR cookies to link to any website – perfect for product launches, fundraising, unique promotional gifts and more.

"These cookies were a huge hit when we used them for an internal launch of our new service offering. Everyone was talking about the cookies and visiting our site. Our product managers started a friendly competition to try to outdo each other for their product launches."

 - Mandy Hutchinson

Gateway EDI

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Why Choose Us has been providing clients with unique corporate gifts, marketing campaigns, holiday gifting programs, thank you gifts and employee appreciation gifts for years. We work with you to customize corporate logo cookies, corporate cakes, cake pops, chocolates and many other bakery treats to fit your specific needs.

Complete customization: Our products are designed to be branded to your business, from the packaging to the logo cookie or cake itself. You can include promotional materials as part of your next marketing campaign or write personalized messages thanking clients, partners or employees. You can mix and match different types of logo cookies, custom Oreo cookies and logo cakes, using our full color printing process that allows us to print beautiful custom designs.

Quick turnarounds: Outside of the holiday season, our standard lead time in 10 business days as soon as your order is processed. And if you need it even faster, just ask! We have years of experience in helping last-minute orders for our clients arrive in perfect condition.

Make your life easier: We offer shipping coordination for large orders to locations anywhere in the United States. We can work with you to drop-ship custom bakery treats as part of a hassle-free client appreciation gifting program, even including gift cards along with their delivery. All at competitive prices to fit within your budget.