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Individually wrapped logo cookies are easy to hand out to a crowd - and delicious, too. 

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Trade Shows & Events

Your next event will make a splash with delicious custom printed promotional gifts. Printed cookies, cake pops, chocolates and cupcakes make excellent giveaways at your next event or trade show. Unlike a pen, tote bag or other common trade show swag that gets lost in the shuffle, a custom cookie gets talked about, eaten and remembered.

By leveraging the power of all the senses, your promotional gift engages memory in a way that a simple object like a pen can't. A cookie can display your logo or marketing message, stand out from the crowd as a unique gift, and then be eaten and enjoyed by the recipient. 

Our clients use branded chocolates and custom photo cookies to complement multichannel marketing campaigns. You may recognize some of them across our site. We pioneered and had several clients use QR code cookies that you can scan with your phone to be taken to a website before enjoying. 

This was a novel idea at the time, the first of its kind, and still holds up as a unique way to market your brand. People loved scanning the cookies with their phones and were talking about the campaign for days.

The possibilities for creativity are endless with full color, 100% edible ink. The fact that a cookie won't keep forever (and because people will love how the cookie looks and smells, tempting them to eat it) gives a real sense of urgency to your campaign. A brochure that can be lost in the shuffle or tossed in a waste bin can't compare to an edible gift that has a shelf life and begs to be eaten.

Check out the gallery to the right for some ideas of how our clients have used our products in the past to achieve stellar results for their event marketing. 

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