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"I wanted to let you know that the cookies were a huge success. Everyone loved them and kept talking about how cool they looked and that they tasted great too! The fortune cookies were the most popular. Thank you for making things so easy! We will definitely be in touch in the future." 


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Corporate Gifting Success: A Guide for 2018

The New Year is here, and with it is the opportunity to grow your business like never before. As your partner in tactical, effective gifting, we want to set you up for success. 

On this page, we'll let you know everything you need to know to get your corporate gift campaign to the next level in 2018. We'll share the three reasons you should be sending business gifts in January as well as a behind-the-scenes look at what a successful corporate gift campaign really looks like. 

We'll also reveal the number one mistake people make when sending client gifts - and what to do instead.

Why You Should Be Sending Corporate Gifts in The New Year

There are three very compelling benefits to sending a gift in January. 

Timing - You don't get lost in an avalanche of other people's holiday gifts. Your gift will be remembered better, because it came at an unexpected time. You also are more likely to have your gift seen by top brass at the company - instead of scheduling your gift to arrive at the office while they're off enjoying the holidays elsewhere. 

Perfection - You don't need to rush to meet an arbitrary deadline. Take your time and get every detail perfect. Include a brochure announcing a new product, a card signed by everyone at the office or a handwritten thank you note to a referrer, without the stress of rushing.

Reaffirm your relationship at a crucial time - A gift for the New Year feels like the start of something fresh. Use this gift to strengthen the bond between your company and the people important to you. Look forward, not back, and drive your business relationships to new heights in 2018. 

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These Companies Hit It Out of The Park With Their Custom Business Gifts - And So Can You

Gifts are symbols of the value you place on the relationship. - John Ruhlin, Giftology

On this site, we don't sell products: we provide gift experiences that create long-lasting memories. We know that by partnering with us to send corporate gifts, you're placing a huge amount of trust in our judgment to hit every note exactly right. But rest assured, we know what we're doing. 

We've spent years coordinating gifting campaigns both large and small, across just about every major industry and possible occasion. That's why companies like Zappos, Microsoft, Linkedin, Coldwell Bankers and Midas have all trusted us to deliver. 

Midas Company Anniversary Gifts for Employees

We delivered 1,132 custom logo cookies cakes to every Midas location across the country so that thousands of employees could all celebrate their 60th anniversary together. 

 "We wanted something everyone could enjoy… The best part was the photos that streamed in from our many branches – hundreds of happy employees, all celebrating together even though they were miles apart." 

- Midas

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We designed a beautiful printed cupcake to help Envigo debut their new logo after a merger. These little gems had crisply printed colors in 100% edible - yet completely tasteless- ink on top, and a sweet buttercream filling surprise inside.

"The cupcakes were a hit!! Everyone loved them and thought it was so cool that they were individually wrapped and the logo was printed so perfectly. I really appreciate all of your help on this! Please thank your team as well for a job well done!" 

- Tiffany W., Harlan Laboratories, Inc

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envigo logo cupcakes delivered

We assisted Steve Schawbel, an independent travel agent, in growing his business almost 100% in a year with the surgical application of targeted thank you gifts that started the referrals flowing in from his satisfied clients. 

"I’m delighted to send you a note about the great success stories I’ve had sending your wonderful products to my clients across the country. When I send your gift packages, I’m an instant hero. Many of my clients have sent me so many referrals, and you’re the reason my business has increased almost 100% in the past year." 

- Steve Schawbel 

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The Biggest Mistake to Avoid in Client Gifting

We promised to tell you the number one mistake companies make when it comes to client gifts. 

It's so common, it's been made by thousands of companies. And yet, the solution is incredibly simple! 

Here it is: they send a gift branded with their own company logo to a client. 

We really recommend against doing this. You're probably wondering, why in the world would we say that? After all, we've specialized in printing bakery gifts with logos for the past decade. 

We even pioneered a new printing process that allows us to cut out edible paper - terrible tasting material - and print directly on the baked good. We designed it so that you still get the same beautiful colors and crisp shading, but right on the icing. 

So why would we tell you not to send a branded gift with your logo? Because it's the truth. 

You should never send a gift that only promotes yourself. A gift given like that doesn't really feel like a gift, does it? 

A successful gift makes the recipient feel valued, and a gift with your own logo feels like you mostly value...yourself. 

What You Should Do Instead 

The answer is deceptively simple, and you may have already guessed it by now: send a gift with your recipient's logo and branding. 

Not only will your gift recipient enjoy the delicious cake or cookie gift basket, but they'll be thrilled to receive something truly unique that they know was made especially for them.

BioSpringer Holiday Cookie Gift Baskets

Another stellar option is to send a logo cookie gift basket with a cookie card. By printing your message right on the cookie, you guarantee people will read and remember it - before enjoying a delicious treat.

To the left: Process, Research & Optimization created these delightful holiday custom cookie gift baskets, complete with a centerpiece cookie printed with a message of appreciation. 

Shop Logo Cookie Gift Baskets >>

So there you have it - a comprehensive guide to success in client gifting and gifts for employees in the coming year. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out by filling out this form. We'll get back to you right away with a personalized answer from one of our experts.

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