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“I have to share my story of success working with such a great team at 1-800-Bakery. I launched a sales campaign with a targeted audience, price point, and generated a very positive ROI from it. Stephen took the time to include my sales material and hand-written note with each boxed caked before shipping. 

Every message was personalized! He went out of his way to make sure these cakes were delivered on-time and had a special touch. I would highly recommend the bakery to any of my sales team members and have spread the “cake campaign” success throughout the sales team.”

                                       -  Molly Enos, Oracle

The Branding Power of Food

At, we stand behind the marketing power that branded food gifts have over the recipients who receive and enjoy them - be it clients or employees. Simply put, people enjoy the custom printed treats and have a positive memory of your brand long after the last delicious bite. There’s real science behind why food is a great marketing and branding tool:

Scientifically Speaking… Food is one of only two natural stimuli known to produce dopamine, a neurotransmitter similar to adrenaline. When food is to be consumed, dopamine is released in the brain causing a surge of happiness and joy. Dopamine also activates the memory cells during this time so that we can remember the experience.

Bottom Line For You… We not only remember the pleasure from food, but we also remember the sensation of pleasure itself and the cues (i.e. your corporate imprint image) or behaviors (i.e. meeting the sales person who brought the treat, or being more motivated to give your best at work) that preceded it (The Science of Happiness, p88-90). 

When the cycle is repeated (i.e. thru a monthly cookie program), the memory becomes stronger and stronger (Scientific American, 9/07). The positive memory and association created by 1-800-Bakery’s custom branded treats will help you reap the benefits of brand marketing in its essence: higher work motivation at home or office (for employees), as well as intention to purchase (for clients).

Call it the Food Network effect, but food gift giving is a fast growing trend. It makes sense if you think about it. You really never know what people need or have when it comes to gift giving, but you know people can never have too many gourmet treats.

Additionally, our products are not food items with a sticker on the outside of the packaging. Your corporate image is imprinted directly onto the food product, which can also be shaped to your logo. Our unique imprint processes allow you to brand in unexpected places. This element of surprise makes your brand more memorable. Now that’s what we call delicious!

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